Hello and welcome,

DISCLAIMER: I work for EURid, the .eu registry as Security Manager. The content published on this website is my own and does not represent EURid’s position on the different subject matters.

In september 2017 I decided to start documenting some of the projects I have been doing and pick up my defunct blogging activities. You’ll find mostly subjects related to information technology and security with a penchant to Internet related stuff like DNS, awareness, cyber hygiene and common sense.

I hope the projects are useful for you too. I’ve put the information first and foremost as a record of what I have been doing, occasionally with the reasoning behind some of the decisions I have made.

The blogs are mostly discussions, opinions and the occasional review on things related to the Internet or Cyber Security.

This site is created and managed using Hugo, a multi-platform static website generator that is completely driven from the command line interface. The theme is Mainroad which is minimalistic but seemed ideally for a project like this. Hosting is simply done on my Synology NAS at home and protected by Cloudflare.

Enjoy and feel free to reach out!