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Note the date of the article, it refers to the last update. Descriptions in quotes are copied from original websites. I use these tools often in combination in combination with writing content using HUGO. Online tools Favicon Generator. For real. An excellent online tool that helps designing and creating all kinds of Favicons for a plethora of browsers and operating systems (including mobile). Lorem Picsum “Lorem Ipsum… but for photos”


Note the date of the article, it refers to the last update. PGP Personal PGP Public Key ID: 49094CB9 -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQENBFPrgu4BCACj2Zy2l2lI0As+aI9pL9A34XtAXx3IIIROOIvxNxY8tRk15lkh lB+x6mIqTU0SPI4KXDr/qpEq3dXQrVl5e2FxqoBldtjDoaft5UCFhQzxZRiNmIDp LLEzV7CYU7Q+axVzQ05TtPZhnptiRGKjovbcfqeuxS2B1OsFHdIwtlp3Dx08K+Ta PME8Hh5QkAwpp4U/N7Rg++FljvpMU/rbL1NoEwvYv9fzATuE/SFLp56REvREEIvT CtmfI5WhCqhW3RmCw66+l+BvgqTtky657+2996dKTuFht4TZrkBiEnXd1jXS1MS6 m3h/0buarjO7EpHGBoVftHWsjWC2F7se8XS/ABEBAAG0MERpcmsgSnVtcGVydHog KFBlcnNvbmFsIGtleSkgPGRpcmtAanVtcGVydHoubmV0PokBPQQTAQoAJwUCU+uC 7gIbAwUJB4YfgAULCQgHAwUVCgkICwUWAgMBAAIeAQIXgAAKCRCNCxjsSQlMuSvn B/oCFGRNkqLdrGd5MFOa+anTgSRYECF9dj7sZ7SWXE/RRGo+RrvIW35fqwB9Mom2 Wt3QLASaOcWRMVINOoJ5LQ5es4xT3liTMMLChRKd/hZlQIX6HlzH6b3+66ldsRCU mDIV2FbwXAtpeQcMQBfOm59uqoIcPBAh/uG9shxMN0LC3zG1PaHxGznrDP3Gz37U 5G62W5EIp1wiv/HkdC9t2geGeUIkNf7MqL4NY4pw1xBBZKmOgQ2F/ek6ZQwzm8fH qE0GbCisFvMU5J1Rva8aQ4E0r23LcODcQ6vcfYsq/kgMMRRvcmdpJJ5wAVu4YD5k B0i56X2hNrlEWSs/uH3DcUPXuQENBFPrgu4BCAC+NBmO4Em45Ao77Dyhh2N71hzG sTy/m9LbE6HNn7ewHBQ9/Gf8izcu+IL/VH0pmxVd0A/3jNZvO067pmZH5dJItofH eRH0GsckA3cd8W0uhcQeFRNAOXUby8Lm406jyyuaRSve0pmqLfMqdH7C7jnCymry 8zmJj4zSJu5aseyzfjt5Pip/rJ/tTGSupwYgmS4nwc47Zd1V2+7h/EZ3fTnIOM7f PH0KNsRh1Jy/pnUlIJKX8krelSYwMEsBnJyXn0mzXvlTjehOiWWrsP5ZM8OMNOfM TXMdgWGX+Z97ZUQbLmotk3Uza5hoEGthDZiD6sPjPNx4ZPh8sd5ngn8yKhpdABEB AAGJASUEGAEKAA8FAlPrgu4CGwwFCQeGH4AACgkQjQsY7EkJTLmD0wf7B2YYPPvj Ai5ebLXoMdzLHSMIJH2O+aPpsMdUaWP9/JY+1I36MoQqz3rxDIxfPUyp7N3vNUdC yizC9JEXgNUj4vKN6BjK1dygWFcNIjG4vtEkxylqjv//lhfvMgftB0TW3v52W8Fd T49hmm5glDtqxhsJVXrLd1lFnMc0IJzsuteOL8PdYqRiFoOsjyLOsh5hJaYAW+mT FZpLGb/u3R4ofWOBvTrnimBq7u3+Mdk5mGL9ZHZkMpQN2k9SZm/n6XI6tSMAWZRe 3lPARYPSHtdA5G2exqsNkOPX0/rfgqscSYEgQ8dXeSSxobAdejlONSzK8MZhsJOs tGmg3w3QNv4Bvw== =+ixl -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Links The following is a collection of useful links to sites that can help investigating domains, websites, IP addresses, servers, etc… on the Net for information security purposes.
Three time's a charm

Three time's a charm

That’s what they say, don’t they? And according to Wiktionary I must be lucky by now. Maybe I should have bought a ticket in the EuroMillions lottery? The Apple Smart Keyboard in the photograph above is my THIRD one. Happily they all broke while still being under warranty at respectively 8 and 10 months. The first one started to give more and more “This accessory is not supported” errors, while the second one just gave up on me never to come back.


Hello and welcome, DISCLAIMER: I work for EURid, the .eu registry as Security Manager. The content published on this website is my own and does not represent EURid’s position on the different subject matters. In september 2017 I decided to start documenting some of the projects I have been doing and pick up my defunct blogging activities. You’ll find mostly subjects related to information technology and security with a penchant to Internet related stuff like DNS, awareness, cyber hygiene and common sense.

Take Off

A long time ago I had a technical blog using this domain name on the platform. But as with many blogging initiatives it died a silent death. The situation is slightly different these days as I have some time to write blogs and articles. As mentioned in the About section, this website is completely managed using the Hugo static website creation tool. A long time ago I used a GUI on MacOS X called RapidWeaver for my personal website which was quite amazing but like many offline tools had some pros and cons: